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Two Year Anniversary!

Sunday, December 14th, 2008 by Max celebrates the Two Year Anniversary since its beta launch on December 12, 2006!

The second Overstream year has been a whole lot more eventful than the first, with groups such as the asian show fansubbers, foreign language instructors and the deaf/hard-of-hearing community contributing to the overall growth of user community and subtitled content.

This year saw relatively little development of website features, with the Overstream team mainly focusing on site maintenance. During this last year, we have moved to a dedicated hosting on a new hosting provider MyRackspace, to continue to be able to provide reliable service to the significantly increased number of site users.

Next year, we are planning to expand our development team and to renew the site development. We haven’t been gathering those feature requests for nothing all this time, you know! :) So we do hope that next year will be even more awesome than the last!