SMIL[e], SAM[...]I[am], or Standards are great - there are so many to choose from

Claude, over at the great InnovateBlog (duly added to our blogroll, thanks for a great blog, folks!) wrote about us. Cool!

Earlier, though, she expressed a concern regarding our “patent pending” statement and its relation to an open standard like SMIL.

With regard to that, I wanted to correct one small misunderstanding here. While the actual technology can be patented, it doesn’t mean it would not support - or be interoperable with - other standards.

As a related example, consider Microsoft’s (how much more “proprietary” can you get?) SAMI.

Indeed, we currently fully support an “open” (albeit informal) SRT standard. And we’re looking into SMIL, SAMI and others. One step at a time, I guess…

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